PRL event “Commune come back”

Event in the style of PRL “Commune come back” is dedicated for business groups as a form of team building.

Very humorously prepared event in which even those, who don’t remember times of the PRL will find something for themselves.

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During the event, served are special meals straight from the milk bar, e.g. beef tripe, grandma’s dumplings, knuckle, pork jelly, herring in oil with onion, drinks from GS shop like original orangeade.


The decor of the room prepared in terms of propaganda posters and relics of a bygone era.


Majowka 2013008_ Majowka 2013009_ Majowka 2013013_

The event runs cabaret “Committee of saving moral hangover”

jadzia - kabaret PRL Rada Ocalenia Kaca moralnego Jadzia – working woman; not afraid of any work


bolek - imprezy integracyjne PRL Poznań Bolek – Jadzia’s husband, manager of the vegetable shop – bellwether of the PRL party

jozio Józio – militiaman lifelike from PRL – ORIGINAL – on event keeps order

kierownikMr. Head – of PEWEX – gives prizes


kayio Kazio – leader of work in PGR (State Farm) – real farmer, in free moments plays tha giutar

The entire event is embellished with music from 70’s and 80’s and newsreels.



Sample events menu

  • tripe soup with bread
  • pork knuckle, horseradish, mustard
  • grandma’s dumplings (russian + with cabbage and mushrooms )
  • beetroot borscht
  • pasty
  • roasted meat (bacon, ham, susages) + cheese
  • herring in oil with onion
  • pork jelly
  • vegetable salad
  • eggs in tartar sauce
  • homemade lard, pickled cucumber
  • cottage cheese, honey, dark bread
  • vodka 250ml/person
  • orangeade, juices, water
  • coffee with cream and tea with lemon


Possibility to change menu.